About me, Jake Riding...

I'm a young, enthusiastic photographer living in Helston, Cornwall.

I love doing event, landscape and creative photography - especially long exposures. Every now and then, late at night, I can be seen in the middle of nowhere spinning steel wool about to create an awesome photo. Yeah okay, it's dangerous, but it's also fun at the same time.

So where did it all start?

Back in 2011, whilst at Helston Community College a photography competition came up, at the time I never even thought I was a photographer. I just enjoyed taking photos on my very basic point-and-shoot camera. I thought I'd enter the photography competition for a bit of fun. I can't remember what the subject of the photography competition was, but I just remember going around Penrose Estate taking photos. And I won!! Well, I say I won. I won a prize, I think there was more than one winner.

That gave me the motivation to start doing photography; I then saved up and bought a bridge camera. I was always out taking photos of anything and everything, but then it started to limit me in what I could do in photography. Christmas 2012, I partly bought (went half-half with my parents) to buy a entry-level DSLR. That was a whole new thing then, the Canon 1100d, I can't believe it lasted up until 2015, the amount I put it through was insane!

Market Stall (2013)My photography market stall in Helston, Cornwall on Coinagehall Street In September 2013, I started up a market stall in Helston Town selling photography.