Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions I get asked a lot, so I thought I'd create a page to save you the time of finding out. If you do however have a question that isn't on here, please feel free to contact me and I'd happily answer it...


I live in/near Helston, can I pick it up from you directly to save postage costs?

Even though I live in Helston, the printer I use for my website. Isn't. I can get it posted to my house and then arrange collection or delivery from there, but the postage cost is unavoidable. It comes straight from the printer to your house.

When I buy a framed print, the price goes up in checkout - why is this?

This is something I'm trying to sort out. Since the whole shopping experience is part of the printer, and not me directly. They have done it where a frame is selected automatically. There is a way around it, by just selecting another frame (that's free) in the checkout options. I'm sorry about that.

Can I book you to take photographs at my event?

I'm more or less moving away from event photography, but I still do the odd one every now and then. If it's for charity, then, well, I have a soft spot. But feel free to contact me to ask anyway. There is no harm :)

Can I buy your photographs in or around Helston?

You can SOON, very soon. I plan early 2017 to have a few of my photographs for sale in a retail outlet in Helston. I'll update this when the photos are up in the outlet.

Can I use your photo for free? I'll give you a credit for it.

Unless the photo is pre-agreed to do so, the answer will most likely be no. I work extremely hard at photography for years and all my photography equipment wasn't free. I've found from past experience having a 'credit' does nothing. I might make the exception for a charity, depending on the use of the photo and the charity itself.

Do you do video work?

Yes, but I'm still new to it. Please contact me to discuss your needs, if I can help. I will.